les 6 risques perçus (Tsiros et al 2005)

Source : Tsiros M. et Heilman C. (2005), The effect of expiration dates and perceived risk on purchasing behavior in grocery store perishable categrories, Journal of Marketing, 69 (april) 114-129.

Echelles à 5 points (very unlikely – very likely)


6 risques associés à la date de péremption sont mesurés.


– mélange de différentes étapes du comportement (achat, consommation,…)

– Seuls les risques directs ont un effet

Risques directs (produit)

  • Fonctionnel : How likely is it that the following product will not meet your expectations as it approaches its expiration date ?
  • Performance : How likely is it that the quality of the  following product gets worse as it approaches its expiration date ?
  • Physique : How likely is it that consuming a spoiled product of the following grocery item may lead to health risk ?

Risques indirects (personnel)

  • Psychologique : How likely are you to think less of yourself as an experienced shopper if you were to buy the following grocery item and then find that it did not meet your standards of quality
  • Social: How likely would guests in your home be to think less of you for serving a poor quality product ?
  • Financier : How likely would you be to feel financial angst from paying for the following product and then having it not perform up to its expectation

Fréquence de vérification des dates

  • How often do you check for an expiration date when you buy each of the following products (never -always)

Willingness to pay

  • What is the most you would be willing to pay for product @ if it were due to expire in (7,4,1) days ? (divided by shelf price)

Fréquence d’achat

  • How often do you purchase in the product category in an average month ?
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