PERVAL (Sweeney & Soutar, JR, 2001)

Source : Jillian C. Sweeney, Geoffrey N. Soutar, (2001)  Consumer perceived value: The development of a multiple item scale, Journal of Retailing, 77, p. 203–220

La valeur perçue d’un produit par un consommateur est mesurée sur 4 dimensions

Valeur produit (quality)

  • as consistent quality
  • is well made
  • has an acceptable standard of quality
  • has poor workmanship (*)
  • would not last a long time (*)
  • would perform consistently

Valeur émotionnelle

  • is one that I would enjoy
  • would make me want to use it
  • is one that I would feel relaxed about using
  • would make me feel good
  • would give me pleasure

Valeur économique

  • is reasonably priced
  • offers value for money
  • is a good product for the price
  • would be economical

Valeur sociale

  • would help me to feel acceptable
  • would improve the way I am perceived
  • would make a good impression on other people
  • would give its owner social approval
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