Réactions par rapport à une garantie prix (Kukar-Kinney et al. 2006)

Source : Kukar-Kinney M. et Grewal D. (2006), Consumer willingness to claim a price-matching refund: a look into the process, Journal of Business Research, 59, 11-18.

Echelles 7 points

Perceived service quality

  • Please rate the overall service quality you would expect to receive at this store
    • (low-high quality)
    •  (much lower / higher than average quality)
  • How likely would the store resolve any service request to your satisfaction (not likely at all- very likely)

Perceived difficulty of claiming

How do you believe it would be to request the refund for the lower price from the retailer ?

  • (possible-impossible)
  • (doable- not doable)
  • (very easy – not easy at all)

Perceived likelihood to receive the refund

Assuming that you found a lower price elsewhere and requested the refund for the lower price from this retailer, what do you think iis yhe likelihood that you would actually receive the refund ?

  • (Improbable – probable)
  • (Unlikely – likely)
  • (impossible – possible)

Willingness to claim the refund (from Srivastava 1999)

Assuming you purchased the @ at this tore, please rate the following statements

  • the likelihood that I would request a refund for the price difference from this store if I find a lower price somewhere else after the purchase is (low-high)
  • It is very probable that I will retunr to this store to obtain the lower price for @ if I find the same product for less in another store (strongly disagree- agree)
  • My willingness to ask this store for the refund of the price difference if I later find out that another store is selling the very same product for less is (very low-high)
  • It is very likely that I will claim a refund from this store if I later find this @ for a lower price elsewhere (strongly disgree-agree)
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