Echelles d’évaluation d’une offre de Dodds et al. (1991)

Source : WB Dodds, KB Monroe, D Grewal (1991), Effects of price, brand, and store information on buyers’ product evaluations,  Journal of marketing research, 28, 3, August, 307-319.

3 dimensions sont étudiées :


La qualité perçue (Perceived Quality Indicators)

  • The likelihood that the product would be reliable is: (very high to very low)
  • The workmanshipo f productw ould be: (very high to very low)
  • This product should be of: (very good quality to very poor quality)
  • The likelihoodt hatt his producti s dependable is : (veryh igh to very low)
  • This product would seem to be durable (strongly agree to strongly disagree)

La valeur perçue (Perceived Value Indicators)

  • This product is a: (very good value for the money to very poor value for the money)
  • At the price shown the product is: (very economical to very uneconomical)
  • Thep roducits consideredto be a goodb uy( strongly agree to strongly disagree)
  • The price shown for the product is: (very acceptable to very unacceptable)
  • This product appears to be a bargain (strongly agree to strongly disagree)

L’intention d’achat (Willingness to Buy Indicators)

  • The likelihoodo f purchasingt his producti s: (very high to very low)
  • If I were going to buy this product, I would consider buying this model at the price shown (strongly agree to strongly disagree)
  • At the price shown, I would consider buying the product (strongly agree to strongly disagree)
  • The probabilityth atI would considerb uyingt he product  is: (very high to very low)
  • My willingness to buy the product is: (very high to very low)
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